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Drop/Withdraw/Repeat Class

Drop/Withdraw from a Class: Students may drop courses over the telephone or on-line before the drop deadline. After the first week of classes, students will receive the notation of “W” (withdrawal) on their transcripts. The “W” grade is not calculated in the GPA. After the last day to withdraw, you must petition in order to drop a class.

What if I never attended a class? Failure to attend a class does not constitute an official drop and will result in the assignment of an “F” grade. Students must officially withdraw from a class.

Late Withdrawal from a Class:  For business classes, a petition must be filed. Stop by the Reinhardt Academic Advising Center to pick up a General Petition form . Results take approximately two weeks. Petitioning does not guarantee a late withdrawal. Each case is reviewed individually. For Arts and Sciences classes, you may petition with the College of Arts and Sciences, located in Gardiner Hall by Ekstrom Library. For a Total Withdrawal, you must petition with your academic unit.

Repeat Class:  Students are allowed 4 repeats to replace a previous grade of “C” or lower. The student must fill out a repeat form in order to replace the grade. When the course is repeated, the grade from the first attempt is removed from the GPA, but still appears on the transcript, and the second attempt is calculated in. If you make a better grade, your GPA will improve. It is a good idea to use repeats to improve your GPA. A repeat form is available in the Reinhardt Academic Advising Center.