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College of Business Excellence Awards

The College of Business Excellence Awards are given annually to alums and business innovators whose distinguished careers exemplify the local, national, and international impact of the College of Business and our community. Awards are presented annually in partnership with Business First and the UofL Family Business Center.

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May 9, 2024 | 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. | The Olmstead


2024 Awards Line-Up

Distinguished Service Award

Presented to a volunteer/individual who has provided extraordinary service to the UofL College of Business over time.

Robert Whitaker

Distinguished Corporate Partner

Presented to a corporate partner of any size who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the success of the school’s students, faculty, and programs through monetary donations, internships, job opportunities, or involvement to increase the experience for the student body.

Jack Manzella Headshot

Rising Star in Entrepreneurship

Presented to a UofL alum or a member of the Louisville entrepreneurial community who shows promise, has made an impact early in their careers, and embodies the spirit of a true innovator, exhibiting a sense of pride in the Cardinal community.

Jack Manzella

Positive Leadership Award

Presented annually to an individual in our local professional community who has performed an exceptional act of courage, compassion, honesty, humility, generosity, resilience, curiosity, or another virtue in the workplace and has inspired others to build, imitate, or follow that virtue. This award is given by the UofL Center for Positive Leadership.

Lisa Dischinger Headshot

Lisa Dischinger

Scott Koloms

Tendai Charasika Headshot

Entrepreneurship Circle of Fame Award

The Entrepreneurship Circle of Fame Award is presented annually to a College of Business/University of Louisville alum and business innovator whose distinguished entrepreneurial career exemplifies the local, national, and international impact of the College of Business. These alums have demonstrated significant success as entrepreneurs and their names are permanently added to a granite monument at the College to serve as an inspiration for all students.

Tendai Charasika

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