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Today’s Students: Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

From Endowed Chairs to one-time donations, building for tomorrow starts with your investment today. As an alum or a friend of the College of Business, we are grateful for your contribution to the greatest resource we have, our students.

Giving to one of these funds will make a big difference in a student’s life and open opportunities for connection and mentorship.

Bob Myers Honorary Scholarship Fund

Your gift will support our all students to have the opportunity to develop their intellectual and cultural horizons.

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Student Success Fund

This fund aid students to be successful and offset special circumstances that impact their ability to attend or excel.

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College of Business Scholarship Fund

Your gift scholarships for all levels of College of Business Students. It will empower them to reach their full potential.

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Endowment Funds & Scholarships

Donate today to sustain a legacy of support and assistance at the College of Business.

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Dean’s Circle

Bring our students’ futures into the light with your generous support.

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Student Emergency Scholarship Fund

Emergency Scholarship Fund was established to support students that encounter unexpected financial emergencies that might prevent them from persisting to graduation. The goal of the fund is to help students during a time of need, stay in school and make progress towards their degree.

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Make your gift today

Help tomorrow’s business leaders emerge better.

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Annual Fund

Help us continue to build towards a sustainable educational future for our best and brightest.

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