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Community involvement

A thriving Louisville community sits at the heart of the College of Business mission. And it’s not a one-way street. We have programs, business contests, and resources for community members —including high school students — to take advantage of, but we also send students out to learn from and benefit the community.


The Cardinal Bridge Academy

The mission of the Cardinal Bridge Academy (CBA) is to offer a transformative educational experience to high school juniors and seniors from talented diverse communities.

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Family Business Center

Find your community with us.

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Office of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement (OTLCE)

We aim to transform our city, communities, and people through high school outreach, our Thrivals speaker program, Elevate Portland, and much more.

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UofL student hands holding a candle during a Take Back the Night rally
An active student body today means engaged citizens tomorrow.
Learn more about the University’s commitment to the City of Louisville.