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The Family Business Center

Since 1993, the Family Business Center (FBC) at the University of Louisville has proudly served family-owned businesses in the Kentuckiana region. Our members receive the collective insights of established family-owned businesses, respected advisors, and scholars from the UofL College of Business.

We work to create a learning community in which families and their businesses gain the knowledge and connections they need to grow, succeed, and thrive from generation to generation.

Our mission

Sustaining Kentuckiana family businesses through connections, support, education, and advocacy. We leverage local and best-in-class resources with the University of Louisville.

We do this by:

  • Creating a community of business owners and their advisors that helps strengthen the family and the business
  • Providing educational resources to business-owning families, family enterprises, and family business partners to achieve multigenerational success
  • Generating, translating, and disseminating research about business-owning families and family enterprises
  • Advocating for the entrepreneurial and economic role of business-owning families and family enterprises in our region

FBC Membership

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FBC Education

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What we do

  • We provide high-quality, interactive educational forums that help our members learn from one another
  • We facilitate peer-to-peer learning through roundtable offerings
  • We develop, translate, and disseminate research about business-owning families and their enterprises
  • We help develop a strong social network for our members to share knowledge and best practices


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Family Business Center
College of Business
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
(502) 852-7815

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