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Honors Program & Dean’s List

Undergraduate Honors Program

Enhance Your College Experience… Broaden Your Horizons… with the Honors Advantage

High-performing students at the College of Business are rewarded with exciting opportunities to excel in class. The University Honors Program offers you expanded interaction with classmates and faculty in smaller numbers, creating a variety of unique learning experiences.

You’ll be with others who enjoy learning and with faculty who thrive on classroom dialogue. Honors students praise the in-class energy while marveling at the relaxed environment.

They say the higher level of interaction actually makes learning easier than in regular courses.

Honors Program benefits:

First, there’s early registration. Honors students get priority for any UofL classes. Then you are eligible for a room in Threlkeld Hall, the Honors residence hall. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities that enrich your life through participation in:

  • Overseers Scholars Program: prepares our strongest students to engage in funded research, internships and study elsewhere in the United States or abroad.
  • Overseers International Seminars: offers substantially underwritten travel for semester-long education abroad.
  • Overseers Mentoring Program: pairs Honors students at the junior level with experienced professionals in their fields of interest for a semester.
  • Peer Scholar Mentoring Program: matches freshman Honors students with advanced Honors students.
  • Honors Volunteer Program: introduces Honors students each semester to community organizations that need the energy and ideas of dedicated volunteers
To get in:
  • Incoming freshmen must have a 28 composite ACT score or a 1250 SAT combined with a 3.50 high school GPA.
  • Transfers or current students not admitted as freshmen must have a cumulative GPA of 3.35.
To stay in:
  • Maintain a cumulative UofL GPA of 3.35.
  • Complete at least one Honors course per year.
To graduate as a University Honors Scholar:

The Business Track distinction requires you to complete at least 24 hours of Honors courses with:

  • At least 18 hours in the College of Business;
  • At least 12 hours at the 300 level or above;
  • At least two upper-level seminar courses (or one seminar plus a senior thesis), at least one of which will be non-business;
  • Overall final GPA of 3.5.

Dean’s Scholars/Dean’s List

Students who earn a 3.5 grade point average and complete 12 or more hours for the semester are named to the Dean’s List.

Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average while enrolled in 12 or more hours for the semester and who have a 3.25 University GPA are named Dean’s Scholars. These are placed on the student’s transcript.


Certificates are available online. To retrieve Dean’s Scholar or Dean’s List Certificate:

  1. Log into your student U-link account
  2. Choose the Student Services tab
  3. Click on the Menu item “Deans Certificates”
  4. Choose the certificate and semester you wish to access.
Dean’s Scholars & List