Assume a leadership position in your industry with the Professional MBA.  The 20-month program offers an evening or weekend part-time schedule so it will not interfere with your job.  This energizing cohort format with high-quality professional students focuses on team building, problem solving, communication, globalism,  decision making, and strategic thinking skills.


Professional MBA Program Highlights

  • Choose between evening or weekend formats
  • Cohort structure with team based study groups builds a strong network among talented peers. This continuity with your team boosts your professional exposure and quality of collaboration
  • Optional focused electives build expertise. Choose between Health Sector Management, Branding, or Analytics
  • World-class faculty of teacher/scholars educated in the finest business schools and experienced in the world’s Fortune 500 companies
  • Frequent guest speakers include successful alumni as well as regional and national business leaders
  • International study trip (included with tuition except for airfare) delivers global experience and expanded networking contacts
  • Graduates enjoy benefits of a highly respected degree and an international network of successful alumni

MBA Features


All MBA students are encouraged to join the MBA Alumni Network prior to graduation – the official association for U of L MBA graduates.   The MBA Alumni Network consists of graduates whom work together to build a community of MBA Ambassadors!  They are leaders in their field as well as leaders in the community!

These three student driven opportunities plus all of the other unique components of the MBA programs make us one of the most powerful programs in the region and state! Don’t delay becoming a part of this student body population today!



As a MBA student, you will have access to a multitude of MBA clubs (Recognized Student Organizations) such as:

  • Association of Women MBAs
    The Association of Women MBAs Club is a venue for female students to discuss the various aspects of interacting and operating in highly competitive professional environments. The members of this club host professional forums in order to discuss topics relevant to women in business as well as connect with senior level female leaders in the community and female MBA alumni that can speak on relevant topics.
    Membership Contact: Adriane Hall
  • MBA Finance Club
    The Finance club is a venue for students to explore the world of finance, and discover finance related careers within with a multitude of industries. The members of this club host professional forums, discuss current events related to finance, breaking research and other topics in finance.
    Membership Contact: Geoff Tinnell
  • MBA Outdoor, Sports and Fitness Club
    The Outdoor, Sports and Fitness Club is a social club and a venue for students who have a passion for the outdoors, sports and fitness. The members of this club participate in University Intramurals, organize hiking/camping trips, golf scrambles and other fitness related activities.
    Membership Contact: Brandon Ritchie
  • MBA Global Business Club
    The Global Business club will build up to, and off of the MBA international trips that are built into the course curriculum of the U of L MBA program. The members of this club research, evaluate, and discuss current events related to global business, challenges of global business, international relations regarding business and much more. This club would be a strong resource for MBA students who are interested in building their knowledge of the global marketplace.
    Membership Contact: Cole Crider
  • MBA Management and Strategy Club
    The Management Club is a venue for students to explore the world of management on all levels. Students would be encouraged to connect and network with managers from all levels and industries. The members of club host professional forums, examine traits and qualifications needed for effective management, how management impacts a business and how employees respond and interact with management.
    Membership Contact: Hex Persephone
  • MBA Consulting Club
    The Consulting Club is a venue for students to explore the field of consulting and gain knowledge regarding the qualifications necessary including certifications and licenses. The members of this club network with local and regional consulting experts and firms to gain insight into the field as well as professional development.
    Membership Contact: Kelly Schario
  • MBA Wine & Cuisine Club
    The Wine and Cuisine Club is a social club and a venue for students to explore and learn about a variety of geographical and cultural wine and culinary selections. The members of this club explore the history and production of wine, its impact as a global industry and the practice of wine tasting. Additionally, members of this club increase their knowledge of regional and world cuisines.
    Membership Contact: Hex Persephone
  • MBA Hospitality and Tourism Club
    The Hospitality and Tourism Club is a venue for students to explore the exciting world of Hospitality and Tourism, network with industry leaders and gain experience to pursue careers in this field.  The club’s activities include meeting with local leaders, attending Louisville’s top rated attractions and getting behind-the-scenes knowledge of the operations involved in tourism.
    Contact:  Jeremy Bozarth
  • MBA Student Association
    The MBA Student Association (MBASA) serves as a representative body for all students in UofL MBA programs.  The MBASA shall promote the academic and extra-curricular life of students by promoting club activity and social programs for the various cohorts.
    Membership Contact: Jeremy Bozarth
  • Entrepreneurship Club
    Membership Contact: David Phillips
  • Cardinal Venture Club
    Membership Contact: Suzanne Bergmeister
  • Business Mavericks Club
    The Business Mavericks Club is open to graduate students interested in connecting with the “movers and shakers” in Louisville’s thriving start-up community. Our primary function is organizing Open Coffee Louisville, a weekly meeting that gives entrepreneurs the chance to engage with the community by presenting their businesses, getting timely feedback, and making valuable connections. Open Coffee Louisville was born when Foundry Group Managing Director, Brad Feld visited the Kentucky Center in October 2012. Brad stated that start-up communities need to have a steady stream of events that engage people; The Business Mavericks Club aims to be the catalyst in that effort.
    Membership Contact: Suzanne Bergmeister

    • #OpenCoffeeLou is every Monday at 8 a.m.
      iHub, 204 S. Floyd St., Louisville
      Free parking in the lot next to the building
      No reservations required, just show up

The various MBA clubs provide opportunities for our students to connect and engage with a variety of MBA students across cohorts, and to engage outside of the classroom!


MBA students have the opportunity to run for two class representative positions in each program. Class representatives are voted upon by their colleagues; act as a liaison for their cohort, represent the MBA Class Representative Student Council and serve during the length of their programs.


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