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Graduate Internships

The University of Louisville Graduate Internship Program is an innovative, unique partnership between the College of Business and the business community. Students access exceptional employment opportunities which provide real-world work experience in business settings.

  • Long-term (up to 11 month) internships*
  • Typical pay: $17-$28 an hour
  • Daytime internship hours allow for uninterrupted evening classes

*Timing can be flexible depending on employer needs and student availability.


Internship Highlights

  • Identify career options through a paid internship (competitive, not guaranteed, length may vary)
  • Gain valuable professional experience in real-world business situations
  • Graduate with marketable resume credentials
  • Secure employment more easily after graduation (92% of the class of 2016 secured employment within one month of graduation)
  • Procure your own internship (subject to approval)

Internship Eligibility

Internships are available to Full-Time MBA, Innovation MBA, MSBA, and MSAA students during their program for course credit.

Internship Guidelines

  • Internships are competitive and not guaranteed
  • Interns function as conventional employees during normal work hours, subject to company standards for work performance, behavior, and appearance
  • Students work on average 30 hours per week, but can flex with the demands and needs of the organization, balancing work with the rigor and demands of their coursework
  • Students understand the internship comes with no guarantee of subsequent full-time employment, and any negotiation for another position is the responsibility of the student and the company
  • College of Business representatives may visit the worksite to audit the intern’s progress or for promotional purposes
  • Students understand failure to complete the internship due to dismissal by employer may result in loss of course credit or a failing grade for the internship

Internships for International Students

Internships are an optional part of the Graduate Program Curriculum for FTMBA, IMBA, MSAA, and MSBA graduate programs allowing internship roles to qualify for CPT (Curricular Practical Training).

Before beginning any internship work, students must:

  • Complete all CPT paperwork
  • Have their I-20 form approved through the ISSS Office on campus

International students will be required to submit their offer letters, get a signature from an internship advisor, and provide details of employment on the CPT Form.

These students may begin interviewing for roles prior to arrival in the US after securing a visa appointment. However, these students may not begin working until classes are in session and CPT paperwork is completed. Please allow seven business days between submitting the CPT paperwork and beginning the internship for I-20 processing.

Students are responsible for making sure their paperwork is complete and they follow all federal regulations regarding work hours (See CPT Form for work hour regulations).

Learn more about international student regulations, CPT, and OPT

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A graduate internship has the potential to pay for over half of the tuition costs. That’s like getting a scholarship and resume-building work experience in one package.”

Vernon Foster, Executive Director of Graduate Programs at the University of Louisville College of Business

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Stephanie Geddes
Graduate Internship Advisor – MSBA & MSAA Programs

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Throughout the program I’ve seen a significant overlap in the course material and work in my internship. It’s a remarkable experience walking into class expecting to learn concepts that will benefit me immediately, and for the rest of my career.”

Trent Wong, MBA ’20

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