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Cardinal Flight

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Get Involved. Get Recognized.

Cardinal Flight is a digital badge program exclusive to all business undergraduate students (including online and transfer students). The program fully launched in October of 2023 after a pilot run in fall 2022.

Students develop career readiness NACE-inspired competencies through co-curricular engagement experiences inside and outside the classroom that contribute to the three pillars of success: academic, personal, and professional.

Students earn a digital badge to showcase their achievements upon completing program requirements. Representing your skills as a digital badge allows you to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted, and can be easily verified in real-time.

In addition to the digital badge, students can earn milestone rewards and receive special recognition at graduation.

What is a digital badge? 

A digital badge is a visual representation of a credential that is clickable and shareable online and contains unique verifiable metadata of an individual’s demonstrated skills and accomplishments.

A digital badge has four basic elements:

  • Icon – The visual representation of the badge itself and what people see when the badge is displayed online.
  • Metadata – This is information embedded within the badge’s digital code and ensures the authenticity of the badge. This metadata contains the name of the person who earned the badge, criteria required to earn the badge, issue date, keyword tags, and any other relevant information to convey the value of the credential.
  • Issuer Organization – Includes the name and logo of the organization that issued the badge, which establishes the credibility and authenticity of the badge.
  • Display Platform – Digital badges are displayed on a secure digital credentialing platform and provide a trusted method for real-time credential verification.

Digital badges can be showcased in several ways:

  • Share verifiable achievements to social media
  • Add digital badge to LinkedIn profile
  • Embed digital badge image in email signature
  • Add digital badge URL to digital resume or online portfolio
  • Upload digital badge to smartphone wallets

Program Requirements:

Cardinal Flight is based on career readiness NACE-inspired competencies. These competencies include (1) Career Development, (2) Communication, (3) Diversity and Inclusion, (4) Leadership and Teamwork, and (5) Strategic Thinking and Technology. Earners of the digital badge complete a set number of co-curricular engagement experiences.

  • Event Attendance (minimum of 2 College of Business department/business RSO events—in person/virtual)
  • Foundational Level Cardinal Flight Approved Activities (minimum of 2 activities for each competency area)
  • Advanced Level Cardinal Flight Approved Activities (minimum of 2 activities for each competency area)
  • End of Program Reflection
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  • Increase your employability by demonstrating specific, verifiable marketable skills to employers
  • Develop skills and gain valuable experience to build your resume for future employment
  • Build networking relationships with industry experts and business faculty, staff, and peers
  • Enhance your personal growth and development through meaningful co-curricular engagement opportunities

Rewards and Incentives:

  • Digital badge of completion
  • Milestone rewards and exclusive benefits
  • Special recognition at graduation (College of Business Cardinal Flight co-branded graduation stole)   
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