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Cardinal Flight FAQ

Who can participate?

Cardinal Flight is open to all current College of Business undergraduate students, including transfer and online students, seeking a major, minor, or certificate.

Note: Must be a current undergraduate business student to access the Cardinal Flight path on EngageUofL. If you are unable to access the Cardinal Flight path on EngageUofL, contact the Cardinal Flight administrator at for assistance. Students can get credit for Cardinal Flight approved activities completed on or after August 1, 2022. Please note that by participating in Cardinal Flight, you grant consent to the University of Louisville College of Business to the use of your name, image or likeness, and words (written, audio, photographs, and/or video) for promotional use in media publications.

Is participation required?

No. Participation in Cardinal Flight is voluntary but strongly encouraged.

What are co-curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities are defined as activities that take place outside of the classroom that enhance classroom learning and promote growth.

What are the program completion requirements?

  • College of Business Department Sponsored Event Attendance = 3 Event Attendance
  • Domain #1: Career Development = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #2: Communication = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #3: Diversity and Inclusion = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #4: Leadership = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #5: Strategic Thinking = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #6: Teamwork = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Domain #7: Technology = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced
  • Final Reflection = 2 Foundational + 2 Advanced

Students who participate in Cardinal Flight are eligible for rewards that recognize their hard work and achievement.

What are Foundational and Advanced activities? 

  • Foundational activities are exploratory in nature. Students are introduced to basic-level structured activities that support growth and development and prepare students for more advanced levels of engagement.
  • Advanced level activities are more immersed in nature. Students gain a deeper level of engagement and will have the opportunity to directly apply learned knowledge or skills through participation in structured activities to support their growth and development.

How do I keep track of my progress? 

You can monitor your overall progress and see which items you have completed from the progress bar of the Cardinal Flight path on EngageUofL.

Note: Please allow seven business days for items to be reviewed and approved by the administrator.

How do I validate my experiences? 

At certain events, you attendance will be automatically tracked when you check-in by swiping your student card. At others, you may be asked to scan a QR code for attendance. For the rest, you can self-report an experience by using the Report Experience link.

Depending on the event, accepted validation can include, but is not limited to:

  • Selfie or photo documentation of you participating in the event or experience
  • Contact information of faculty/staff/supervisor/event organizer/etc. who can verify your participation or experience (sorry, your friends and relatives don’t count!)
  • Copy of confirmation email or letter showing your name
  • Photo or scan of a ticket stub, letter or confirmation email, proof of membership, etc.
  • Screenshot or copy of the completion screen that includes your name for online workshops, assessments, certificates of completion, etc.
  • Any supporting documentation of anything that can confirm that you completed the experience or attended the event

Note: Falsifying information for event check-ins or self-reported experiences with the intent of receiving Cardinal Flight credit is an example of academic dishonesty in Cardinal Flight and will be reported.  

How will I receive my digital badge and milestone gifts/rewards? 

Eligible students will receive an email with details about claiming their digital badge and milestone rewards and gifts.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a great way to fulfill requirements on the Cardinal Flight Approved Activities Checklist. All UofL enrolled students, faculty, and staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform offering a digital library of more than 6,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software, and creative topics. A LinkedIn course gives you focused instruction on something specific, while a Learning Path will provide several courses focused on a larger topic. 

When you complete a course or learning path on LinkedIn Learning, you’ll be prompted to add the certificate for the course or the learning path and new skills to your LinkedIn profile.

Can I use one experience to fulfill multiple items?

No – we encourage students to seek out unique experiences to fulfill each item. In some instances, extensive experiences such as studying abroad may be used to satisfy more than one requirement at a time.

How do I access my Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) document is an unofficial record of the student’s involvement while at the University of Louisville. The University of Louisville recognizes the impact that out-of-classroom involvement has on a student’s learning and overall campus experience. Students are encouraged to utilize this document to track and reflect on their co-curricular participation and experiential learning.

To view or download your CCT, log in to EngageUofL and click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner and click Co-Curricular Transcript.

Schedule an appointment with the College of Business Ulmer Career Center to learn how to best highlight your involvement and achievements on your resume or career portfolio.

Is Cardinal Flight the same as academic credit?  

No. Cardinal Flight credit is not associated with academic credit, and students do not receive academic credit for completing the program. Students can view and download a Co-Curricular Transcript to help articulate their accomplishments and skills on a resume and portfolio when applying for jobs, graduate or professional school, etc.