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Event Organizer Info

Criteria for Programs, Activities, and Events

All College of Business Cardinal Flight sponsored events must meet the following criteria:

  • Event attendance will contribute to one of more of the NACE-inspired career readiness competencies
  • Event will be submitted through EngageUofL, and event organizers track attendance using the provided attendance URL or QR code through EngageUofL (Note: If you typically post events to the University Event Calendar, you will need to first post event to EngageUofL. Once your event has posted to the EngageUofL platform, it will automatically post to the University Event Calendar as long as the event is marked as “public” within 2-3 business days)
  • Event adheres to the Inclusion Statement — All University of Louisville College of Business programs are open to all eligible faculty, staff, and students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age
  • Marketing materials include the Cardinal Flight Approved digital stamp


Special Exceptions for Posting Events to EngageUofL

If you would like for your event to be promoted as Cardinal Flight Approved but your department either requires or has another preferred event management platform more appropriate for your event needs, then a special exception may be granted by the Cardinal Flight administrator for event organizer to use another event management platform for attendance tracking. The Cardinal Flight Approved digital stamp must be added to marketing materials for special exception to be granted.

Event organizers should complete the following steps for consideration of a special exception:  

  1. Prior to the event: Within 7-10 days prior to the event date, email to request a special exception for posting event to EngageUofL AND a provide copy of the event flyer with the Cardinal Flight Approved digital stamp for distribution.  
  2. After the event: Within 3 days after the event ends, email a typed (not handwritten) attendance that includes the following attendee information:
    a.    Name of College of Business Department/Organization Sponsoring Event
    b.    Event Name
    c.    Event Date
    d.    Event Time
    e.    First and Last Name of Attendee
    f. email address (Note: Cardinal Flight attendance credit will not be granted unless email address is provided)

College of Business Faculty/Staff EngageUofL Event Submission Process

If you would like to request access to COB EngageUofL to post your events for your department area, you will need to complete the following steps at least 10 business prior to event date for consideration.

Step 1: COB EngageUofL Manage Event Access

Send an email to from your university email account with the following information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. ULink user ID (same as your university email user ID – example louiecard01)
  4. COB Department Name
  5. Position title

Note: You will only need to complete this step once for your department area. Once your request has been approved you can proceed and create events in EngageUofL for your department area.

Step 2: Create Event Details in EngageUofL  

Once your request has been approved by the administrator you can proceed and create events in EngageUofL for your department area.

Complete the event details for your event on the Manage Events dashboard in EngageUofL.

  • Basic Details: Additional organizations co-hosting this event: Select Cardinal Flight and any other co-sponsoring organizations
  • Event Visibility: Allow attendance at this event to be shown on the Co-Curricular Transcript: Check the box to indicate “yes”. The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is an unofficial record of the student’s involvement while at the University of Louisville.
  • Event Visibility – Event Categories – Select Cardinal Flight and any other relevant categories
  • Event Cover Photo: Your Cover Photo helps draw attention to your event. To make sure your image looks great, choose a high-resolution photo that’s eye-catching, high quality, with a central focal point. Dimensions: Image should be 1300px by 780px or larger and horizontal in orientation. All images will be cropped to a 1.67:1 aspect ratio. File Type: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PDF. File Size: Use a photo that’s no larger than 10MB. General: Avoid images that have text or logos. PDF files will not have a preview and cannot be cropped.

Step 3: Event Marketing: Cardinal Flight Approved Digital Stamp

Be sure to include the Cardinal Flight Approved digital stamp on flyers and marketing materials.

Contact Cardinal Flight team for digital stamp, or if COB faculty/staff, download from Marq template platform, if access has been previously granted.

Step 4: Event Attendance

Have a successful event, and don’t forget to track attendance at your event. Event organizers can track attendance using the attendance URL or QR code on the Manage Events dashboard in EngageUofL. 

Helpful Tips:

  • If you offer several events throughout the year you may want to consider purchasing a card swipe for students to use campus ID cards at events. 
  • Do a practice run and create a “test event” in EngageUofL and set the event to “private/invite only” to get familiar with the track attendance process. Go back and cancel the event after the test run is completed.
  • Before the Event – Create a sign-in sheet with the attendance QR code provided by EngageUofL for attendees to scan at the event. Students will be prompted to sign in with ULink email user ID and password. Attendance will automatically be recorded. The “Your attendance has been recorded” message will appear as a brief popup then disappear.
  • Have a laptop device onsite the day of event, if possible, in case you need to verify/manually track attendance, or printed sign-in sheet for backup purposes that includes the student’s first and last name and university email address to EngageUofL following the event. 
  • If sharing the attendance URL provided by EngageUofL, you may want to use a QR code shortener tool.
  • Only users with an active university ULink email ID and password can use the RSVP feature for your event.
  • Only users with an active university ULink email ID and password can scan attendance QR code. Other guests may provide personal email address for event organizer to manually track attendance in the system.

College of Business Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

All College of Business RSOs are encouraged to post their events and meetings, and officer information on EngageUofL through their organization’s page.

If you are an RSO officer and do not know how to access Manage Events on the EngageUofL platform for your organization, please contact the Office of Student Involvement for assistance. 

When creating the event in EngageUofL, select Cardinal Flight as a co-sponsoring organization AND use the Cardinal Flight Business RSO event category to make the event easily searchable for students.