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Begin your Cardinal Flight!

How to begin

  1. JOIN THE CARDINAL FLIGHT PROGRAM  (instead of pledge)
  2. Participate in ….events, challenges, online learning …
  3. Earn rewards
    1. College of Business Swag
    1. Digital Badges
    1. Completion Certificates
    1. Special honor at graduation  
      1. Cardinal Flight Distinction
      1. Special Mention
      1. acknowledgment listed your transcript
      1. Cardinal Flight graduation stole
  • Benefits:
    • career readiness
    • Guided college involvement*
    • Build college network for benefits beyond

Base upon research (NACE) guided involvement that will help you become career ready instead of just a random list of stuff.

Download the Checklist

How do I participate?

Students will utilize EngageUofL to find and attend events, browse and join

organizations, and track their involvement.

  1. Log in to EngageUofL at using your
  2. and password.
  3. On the homepage, click on your profile image in the top right corner. A navigation bar
  4. will open.
  5. Click on Paths and select the Cardinal Flight path. (Note: Access to the Cardinal
  6. Flight path must be granted by the program administrator)

Watch the video to learn how to participate and track involvement in EngageUofL

Note: Students can receive credit for participation in Cardinal Flight approved activities

completed on or after August 1, 2022. Must be admitted to the College of Business to

enroll the in Cardinal Flight program.
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