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Finance: the art of investment

Finance is the study of the management of money. Firms and individuals seek to maintain liquidity in the short run (avoid running out of money) and to invest in the long-run to create value.  Good financial decisions over time are critical to individuals, firms, and governments in achieving their goals. Finance uses tools including economic theory, accounting measurements, mathematical and statistical methods, data, and specialized knowledge of financial products, processes and markets to facilitate these financial decisions.

The focus in the finance curriculum is risk analysis and risk management. Understanding the risk the firm is taking is important to a corporate financial manager. Understanding the markets, and the instruments that trade in them is important in assessing risk for an investor.


Faculty & Advising

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Finance Outcomes & Careers

The future is where we will spend the rest of our lives.

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Degrees in Finance

BSBA in Finance

The objective of the Finance major program is to provide our students with a competitive edge in their professional financial and managerial careers. Our majors are prepared, upon graduation to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills, either individually or in teams, in order to creatively and ethically solve problems in a global marketplace.

A finance degree is also useful personally for managing one’s own finances, understanding risk, and planning for a secure future in an insecure world.

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BSBA in Finance

Minor in Finance

Enhance your major with a Finance Minor that will be useful in every type of business by gaining the ability to understand and apply financial concepts and skills. The courses in the minor provide students with an understanding of individual investing, the scope and nature of the financial sector of the economy, and the challenges and opportunities for business competing in the global marketplace. Those interested in banking or insurance may petition for a substitution by Fin 330 or Fin 350 which focus on those specialized areas.

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Minor in Finance

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