Information Systems has been ranked among the top 10 most profitable college majors and highest paying college degrees for 2010. If you are interested in both business practices and the world of computer technology, this major is for you!  We prepare students for innovative and ever increasing career opportunities. CIS majors have access to the College of Business computer labs at all times the building is open, and opportunities for scholarships and co-cops. Our flexible program allows students to select the area and depth of focus that best meets their interests thereby maximizing their career objectives.

CIS Degrees

CIS Degrees


The CIS major prepares students for cutting-edge performance in managing information systems, developing web-based applications, and analyzing and refining business processes. The program offers a unique blend of technical and management perspectives. All CIS majors receive a solid foundation in object-oriented programming, database development and systems prototyping. Students learn information systems modeling using object-oriented systems analysis and design methodologies and are introduced to a variety of infrastructure technologies including business data communications. Please see the UofL Undergraduate Catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements for the BSBA with CIS Major.

BSBA in CIS – Information Security Concentration

The InfoSec program at UofL was designated by NSA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education for 2006-2009. The program is a collaborative effort of the CIS department and the Computer Engineering Computer Science (CECS) department in the Speed School of Engineering. Each concentration includes a suite of business courses that familiarize students with the professional skills needed to perform in cross-functional team, increasingly common in today’s business environments. Please see the UofL Undergraduate Catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements for the BSBA with Information Security Concentration. More information on the BSBA CIS with Information Security Concentration.

Minor in CIS

Employers are paying MORE for your business skills when they come with CIS/IT know-how. The Computer Information Systems Minor is designed to give you the tech savvy you need to open ore doors when you graduate, with a higher starting salary. The CIS Minor (available to College of Business students only) equips non-CIS majors with the technical skills and awareness employers expect in executive and management-level positions in accounting, finance, marketing, economics and even equine industry positions.  Please see the UofL Undergraduate Catalog for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements for the CIS Minor.

BSBA in CIS – Web Development Concentration

In the digital economy, businesses use web-based information systems to connect with their customers, their suppliers and partners, and other business organizations. Web-based systems enable nearly instantaneous dissemination of information among business entities throughout the global economy. Web applications are developed by information systems professionals who understand how information technology may be used to achieve business goals and make business processes more efficient and cost effective. The web development concentration provides students with a deeper understanding of software development and web architecture enabling them to create the web-based systems organizations need. The UofL Undergraduate Catalog offers the criteria for the BSBA with Web Development Concentration.

FlightPlan – BSBA in CIS or BSBA in CIS – Concentration in Information Security

The College of Business offers an accelerated Flight Plan.” Flight Plan is an exciting initiative that enables students to stay on course to graduate in four years or in the time frame of their choice. Flight Plan.

Career Opportunities in Computer Information Systems

In today’s global economy we are seeing an extremely high demand for professionals with information systems expertise. In this environment, where every business function is supported by computers, user support, programmers, and analysts are not the only careers where an information systems background is needed. Today more than ever, information systems is of strategic business importance and managers with this background are highly sought after.

Careers in Computer Information Systems

More information on CIS Careers

CIS graduates are sought for positions such as systems analysts, web developers, database specialists, information security specialists and system support specialists. In these roles, and others, they may function as team leaders, project managers, or department heads.

As companies are increasingly defined by the effectiveness of their communications and information systems, virtually every successful organization today views technology as a path–or hurdle– to becoming efficient and more competitive. The next generation of CIS graduates has the opportunity to guide industries as they re-think and re-position their organizational strategies, structure, and processes on every level and in every department. They are more likely to contribute to company objectives immediately and enjoy faster advancement.

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Our faculty are trained in a broad spectrum of disciplines, covering the technical behavioral, and managerial disciplines of the information systems field.

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