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Equine Scholarships & Awards

Scholarship applications have closed for the 24-25 school year


You may apply for the UofL Equine Industry Program scholarships if you are a student that has been admitted to the College of Business and are an Equine Business major, or an online Horse Racing Industry Business Certificate graduate student. Incoming freshman, transfer students and continuing students are eligible to apply. Individual eligibility is determined by the scholarship selection committee. You only need to apply once to be considered for all available Equine Industry scholarships.*

*exceptions include the AIM Equine Scholarship (AIM Equine Scholarship : University of Louisville – College of Business)

Completing the application
You will be asked to fill out personal information, including your student id number, prior schools attended, and current financial aid received. You will also be asked to upload a personal statement. Some scholarships may require a separate essay or letter of recommendation; these scholarships are indicated on the online application. You will NOT need to indicate the scholarship(s) for which you are applying.

When and how to apply
You many apply here if you meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Notification of Scholarship Decisions
Once scholarship decisions are made, award letters are mailed.

Our scholarships are used for tuition reimbursement and are awarded directly to your University of Louisville bursar account. If you have an outstanding balance, the funds will first be used to pay the balance.

Equine Scholarships

  • AIM Equine Scholarship (apply)– $1,000 per year
    • Advance your personal development through active participation in equine events on and off-campus. Expand your comfort zone with experiences that open your mind to new ideas, people, and opportunities
    • Initiative to take charge of your own personal development and to ignite your enthusiasm to build industry relationships; leadership and communication skills; and self-motivation necessary to succeed in today’s workplace
    • Merit optimizing your personal development with scholarship in the classroom, leadership roles on teams and groups; participation in networking events; providing service through volunteering with local equine-related organizations and events
  • Robert G. Lawrence Outstanding Senior in Equine Business – presented to the Outstanding Senior from the August to May graduating classes
  • The Kent Hollingsworth Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a sophomore/junior/senior majoring in Equine Business who, in the opinion of the Department of Equine Business, exemplifies qualities of scholarship and professionalism. The award is two semesters – $2,500/semester total $5,000
  • Thalheimer Memorial Scholarship  – To be awarded to an incoming freshman Equine Business major with a minimum ACT composite score of 25 and minimum ACT Math score of 26, who demonstrates a financial need to attend. The scholarship is a one-time award in the amount of $10,000 to be distributed as $5,000 for the fall semester and $5,000 for the spring semester
  • Equine Industry Program General Scholarship – Awarded to an incoming freshman/sophomore/junior majoring in Equine Business (may be split). Based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and need. The award is two semesters – $2,500/semester total $5,000
  • Chuck E. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a sophomore/junior/senior majoring in Equine Business (may be split) who, in the opinion of the Equine Industry Program, exemplifies qualities of scholarship and professionalism. The award is two semesters – $2,500/semester total $5,000
  • Timothy T. Capps Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in Equine Business who is also an active member of the Riding and Racing Club and completes an essay. The award is two semesters – $1,000/semester – Total $2,000
  • Horse Racing Nation Equine Scholarship – This scholarship is named for Horse Racing Nation, a Louisville-based media outlet committed to full-time US thoroughbred coverage. HRN is a community for those passionate about equine sports, providing a fresh take on current events in thoroughbred racing. This scholarship makes it possible for students in the equine field to pursue a career in an industry that Kentucky is famous for. To be awarded to an incoming freshmen/sophomore/junior/senior Equine student who has a focus on the horse racing industry. Applicant will submit a written essay (max 300 words) explaining their horse racing industry career goals.

Additional UofL and External Scholarships