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Office of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement

The university and city are partners. Together, we can address the problems our community faces. Through high school outreach, our Thrivals speaker program, Project Build, and much more, we aim to transform the area. Learn more about the opportunities available to your school, business, family, or organization.



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Elevate Portland Initiative

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Business 101 Dual Credit Program

College of Business professors voluntarily teach introductory courses to high school students to help expose them to the world of business. In one program, CoB partners with Louisville Central High School to offer a dual credit course in business management. Classes are taught by ten volunteer UofL professors. COB management professor Nat Irvin II and CHS teacher Joseph P. Gutmann, a UofL graduate and adjunct professor, and head of the Law & Government Magnet Academy at CHS, created the course, Introduction to Business Management. Students take classes in economics, organizational behavior, leadership, business law, communications, finance, accounting, computer information systems, project management, decision making, and management. The course counts as three hours of college credit.

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