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MSBA Industry Partners

Our partnership with businesses works to your advantage. Feedback from these and other companies helps us fine-tune the curriculum to address skill gaps in the local workforce and ensure the skills you learn are in high demand.

Our industry partners and other companies support us by:

  • hiring our students for lengthy internships
  • hiring our graduates to fill permanent positions in business analytics.
  • providing business-market insights to help us maintain a relevant curriculum that meets industry needs

Our Partners

Industry partners include worldwide fortune 500 and 100 companies. They are interested in the future development of available talent and work to secure a strong strategic direction.

  • Accentf(x) Marketing
  • Brown-Forman
  • ConDati
  • Edj Analytics
  • GE
  • KFC Yum!
  • UPS
  • Trilogy Health Services
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Papa Johns
  • LG&E  KU

Large corporation experience is completely different than small nonprofit. The internship at a large company also allows me to network and grow my connections outside of accounting and among analytics professionals within Humana, for future opportunities.”

Jiao Wang, MBA ’19/MSBA ’20