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PhD in Entrepreneurship FAQ

How can I get additional information about the program?

Daniel Bennett

Is the program for me?

We seek students who are passionate about performing academic research in the field of entrepreneurship, and who plan to become academics engaged in teaching and scholarship.

Do you accept transfer credits from another PhD program?


What do I have to do for my Graduate Assistantship?

Typically, our students serve as Research Assistants for two years. In their third or fourth years, our students teach a total of four classes while they are completing their dissertations. A fifth year may be spent either as a research assistant or a graduate teaching assistant. Approval for a fifth year of study may be granted on an individual basis but is expected not to be the norm.

What courses do I take during the first two years of the program?

Visit our curriculum page.

Do you have a part-time program or a distance-learning program?

We offer only a full-time program that requires your residency on campus—which does not allow outside employment.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It should normally take four full years to complete the program. Students take courses in their first two years in the program and write their dissertations and complete other papers in years three and four. Some students may require a fifth year, which could be granted as an exception.

When do these programs start?

Student cohorts begin their studies in August of even years. i.e., new cohorts of students will begin the program in August 2024. Applications for the Fall 2024 cohort will be open in Fall 2023 and accepted through January 31, 2024.