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Entrepreneurship PhD Curriculum

The goal of the curriculum is to produce academic scholars who will present papers at professional conferences, publish papers in academic journals, and teach at the university level. We anticipate that students will be successful academics at leading universities. Because of this, students serve as research assistants during two of their four years in the program. Students teach during the last two years in the program.

After passing qualifying exams, required courses, and writing required papers, students proceed into candidacy and write their doctoral dissertations in their remaining years of the program.

Entrepreneurship PhD Course Catalog

The UofL graduate catalog has the most current curriculum requirements for the Entrepreneurship PhD.

During the first two years of the program, students take:

  • A series of seminars taught by some of the most prominent academic scholars in entrepreneurship – each of these external faculty members is an expert in linking entrepreneurship to an adjacent academic competence or topic (research design, psychology, economics, sociology, family business, etc.)
  • Seminars that focus on interdisciplinary academic research including areas that illustrate the role of entrepreneurship in our society
  • Statistics and research methods courses
  • Independent study courses and electives
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