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Transfer/Visiting and New Grad Students

All Masters transfer credit is subject to approval.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Transfer Credits

MBA students may be allowed to transfer up to six credit hours of graduate academic credit from another AACSB-accredited institution that offers advanced degrees. Transfer credit will only be applied toward elective course modules. Only courses in which the student earned a grade of B or better will be considered for transfer. The hours will be transferred, not the quality points. A transfer of credits is possible only after earning six hours from the University of Louisville College of Business. Students wishing to transfer credit should make a request to the academic counselor for review.

MBA Visiting Students

Students visiting from another university or from a partner institution abroad may take elective MBA course work on a space-available basis, provided they meet the prerequisites for the course. Visiting students also must meet graduate school requirements as determined by the Associate Dean.

Current UL MBA Students

A current UofL MBA student who wishes to be a visiting student at another academic institution for a particular term must obtain permission from the Associate Dean for Masters Programs (ADMP).  Visiting student status is not allowed to a student who is on academic probation. Only grades of A and B can be transferred back to the University of Louisville and quality points are not transferred.

New Student Orientation

Each MBA program begins with a welcome dinner where students and their guests meet fellow classmates, future faculty and current student representatives.  After team assignments are revealed, the new students and guests take part in their first team project.  The following Saturday provides students with an introduction to team building.  Professional facilitators work with each group to complete team challenges and build relationships as a foundation for future success.  An afternoon session provides administrative details about the programs.