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Endowment Named for Stanley Hall

August 27, 2021
Stanley Hall

“To know Stanley Hall was to love him.” Through tears, that’s the loving summary Corinne Coulter gives of her son. He was a dedicated, passionate member of the cardinal community and the first cohort to pursue a fully online MBA (OMBA) at the College Business. In September of 2020, Stanley Hall passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and hard work.

Stanley Hall lived a lifetime of experiences at just 36 years old. Originally from Providence, Kentucky, he relocated to Louisville to pursue a career in athletics.

“He wanted the moon, and he was shooting for it,” Corinne says.

Stanley spent five years overseas as a contract worker in Iraq, running a recreational facility for soldiers. He planned activities to bring much-needed respite for U.S. soldiers, like building a remote control car racetrack and orchestrating small theater productions. This creative spirit brought joy to soldiers and earned him awards.

A Legacy of Service

Corinne says Stanley volunteered at the Athletics facility anytime he was home from Iraq. An avid Cardinal fan, he was eager to get his foot in the door at UofL. Before his passing, Stanley was appointed Facility Operations Manager in Athletics. He handled facility and game operations for various sports facilities, as well as managed ACC and NCAA game day events.

“That was one of his dream jobs. He was so excited,” reflects Corrine. “The woman who hired him spoke at his service. She never met anybody that she wanted to hire right off the bat without talking to the committees…there was just something about him.”

While moving up in his career, Stanley was also advancing his education. “We were the first class for the OMBA, and that came with many challenges and struggles, as well as wins and achievements, but we did them together,” says Brittany Key, classmate and Director of Development at the College. “We were a very close group that did not hesitate to reach out to [each other].”

Honoring Stanley

The cohort was shocked when Stanley passed during their program. Even within a virtual setting, he had touched their lives. To pay homage to their classmate and a larger-than-life presence, they established the Stanley Hall Character Endowment Award.

“Once I heard of Stanley’s passing, I knew that the cohort would want to do something to honor him,” Brittany says. “Establishing an endowment is the opportunity for the following classes to learn about Stanley and the character that was instilled in him. We wanted to pass along that spirit and keep it alive in the OMBA program.”

The award will be given each year to an online MBA graduate who embodies Stanley’s spirit. Stanley was known for being compassionate and giving; he was a comforting presence who always looked out for others. Award winners will exemplify these traits.

The spring 2021 OMBA graduation dinner served as an opportunity to introduce the award. Corinne was in attendance. She takes pride in the legacy Stanley leaves behind.

“How many parents can actually say their child had lived a life and shown so much love and kindness?” she says.  “I know these people love my child because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have come up with this award…I was proud always, but to know that he touched so many people—it gives me so much joy in my heart.”

Learn more about the Stanley Hall Character Endowment Award and consider making a gift to the scholarship.