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International Students and Internships

Add to your organization’s diversity with international students

International students are allotted 11.5 months of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during which our students are able to work without sponsorship. College of Business internships are recommended for 11 months, allowing international students to complete their internships within this CPT timeframe.  

International MBA students are allotted one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) while the STEM-designated MSBA students are allotted three years OPT. This means that your company could benefit from our students for 2-4 years before sponsorship is even in question


Average Cost of Traditional Employee: $53,278 – Average Cost of College of Business Intern: $30,800 = Savings of Hiring a COB Intern: $22,478 (from 2020 COB survey).

The median cost savings of hiring a UofL College of Business intern is approximately $22,478. Our international students do NOT require sponsorship to complete their internship NOR will they require sponsorship immediately after the completion of their internship when converted to full-time employment.

IF sponsorship is considered

Our students have the opportunity to prove both their skill and longevity before sponsorship is required. The initial savings of hiring an intern ($22,478) can offset the costs of sponsorship (appx. $7,000) and still leave a company with a total savings of $15,478. As the student will have the opportunity to prove themselves for years before the cost is incurred, sponsorship can be broken down as $3,000 per year for MBA employees and $1,750 per year for MSBA employees.