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FBC Member Spotlight: Patrick Murphy

March 15, 2022 - -
Patrick Murphy Headshot

Patrick D. Murphy is president and founder of Patrick D. Murphy Architects, a family-owned architecture firm specializing in roof consulting, exterior wall, and building envelope consulting since 1982. A registered architect, Patrick earned his degree at the University of Kentucky and has over thirty years of professional experience.

UofLFBC: What does it mean for your family business to be a member of the University of Louisville Family Business Center?

Patrick Murphy: Being a member of the FBC means that we get to participate with a large group of people who have similar and shared experiences in both the business world and family. We have forged friendships with FBC members who have a proven track record of successful business practice built around trust and honesty.

UofLFBC: How do you feel the UofLFBC can benefit a fledgling family business?

PM: The best benefit for a fledgling family business offered by the FBC is that regardless of size, history, product, or service…the FBC is a multifaceted resource. We must realize that, at some scale, we all have the same doubts, worries, and problems. However, we also experience the same joy, happiness, and success. The FBC is a safe harbor to share all the above in a mutually beneficial environment.

UofLFBC: What do you know now that you didn’t know before becoming a member of the UofLFBC?

PM: One of the most impactful aspects of new knowledge for our company is embracing participation in the CEO Roundtable NextGen Roundtable. The participants in these FBC Roundtables have become friends and great resources by openly sharing their collective business experiences.

UofLFBC: Tell us about a time when you were proud to be a family business.

PM: Recently, a major competition came out from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for our field of architectural roof consulting. This competition was for the re-roofing of all the major state resort parks. It was the biggest allocation for re-roofing in the history of the Commonwealth. The competition was so big that the Department of Finance divided it into two sectors—the west sector of Kentucky and the east sector of Kentucky.

We pulled our family team together and started the preparation work. It involved creating a package of qualifications for each project…When all the dust settled, our company was awarded both jobs. I was extremely proud of my nephew, Jean-Paul Grivas, AIA, our daughter Monica Mittel, MBA, and our son Sean Murphy. They all collaborated seamlessly to make this a successful venture.

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