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Pathways to Potential

March 22, 2022
Entrepreneur TK Coleman with Cardinal Bridge Academy scholars at Valley High School.

Entrepreneur T.K. Coleman has been described as a passionate voice for possibility. T.K. brought that passion to Louisville in February as a guest speaker in the Center for Free Enterprise Menard Family Lecture Series. Dozens of UofL students, faculty, staff, and members of the community were treated to T.K.’s unique take on making things happen for yourself, as he presented “The Economics of Your Dreams.”

But before he ever set foot on UofL’s campus, T.K. spoke to another group of students, this one at Louisville’s Valley High School in southwest Jefferson County. Collaborating with the College of Business’ Cardinal Bridge Academy, the Center for Free Enterprise introduced about 50 high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to T.K. Coleman’s positivity and insight. During the interactive session with students, T.K. used stories and personal anecdotes to relay his message of hard work, persistence, and creating your own positive outcomes.

“What a fabulous opportunity for our students (and staff)—we all needed a lift and T.K. Coleman delivered,” said Valley teacher Marla Paschal. “There was a lot of talk about the event throughout the building yesterday, and for the remainder of the day. I hope the message he delivered sinks in and spreads like wildfire. We can’t get enough positive messages to our students.”

The collaboration between the Center and the Cardinal Bridge Academy seemed like a natural one, given both groups’ missions focus on improving people’s lives. “The Center for Free Enterprise was founded to illustrate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in making lives better,” said Center director Steve Gohmann. “T.K. is a living, breathing example of that and the perfect spokesperson for young people who are just beginning their academic and career journeys.”

To view T.K.’s talk at the College of Business, or any past Menard Family Lecture Series events, visit the Media Room at

The Cardinal Bridge Academy offers high school juniors and seniors opportunities to sharpen their business, technology, and leadership skills, earn college credit hours through dual-credit classes, and establish early direct admission into the College of Business. Currently, in place in three local high schools, the CBA is poised to grow to other schools and impact even more students’ lives. To partner with the CBA as a financial sponsor, mentor, guest speaker, or tutor, contact Erica McDaniel at