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Resources for Neurodiverse Students

(includes those with Autism and Aspergers)

Knowledge Building about Neurodiversity and Employment

  • Presentation on Autism & Employment – Talks about challenges to individuals with Autism/Aspergers and work context, information about job searching (factors to look for), interviewing, strategies while at work, etc.
  • Autism and Job Interviews Video – There are some great tips here, as the speaker is someone with Autism who hires people. This video gives perspectives from both employers and and candidates.
  • Good Jobs for Asperger’s Video – Discusses stereotypes of “Aspie”-friendly jobs (ones that are socially isolated), discusses what Aspie-friendly jobs are by what essential qualities they possess (i.e. performance-based, direct-communication culture). When looking for job, you can go down the path around a passion you have or around a skill that you’re really, really good at. 


  • Disability Equality Index – When job searching, people could target companies who score well on the Disability Equality Index: Look at pg. 16 of the report to see companies that scored well, like Humana, as an example. See Report.

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