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Resources for Differently Abled Students

  • Job-Seeking Resources – the largest job site for individuals with different abilities.  Also includes information on accessible virtual career fair events and job seeking resources.
  • Getting Hired – a job-board site for individuals and veterans with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and more.  Also includes a list of companies who are more inclusive of individuals who are differently abled. 
  • Job Seeker Resources through EARN – includes a multitude of job boards, as well as programs to help connect companies to internship-seeking students with disabilities. looking for internships.  Includes a variety of other links to different support organizations.
  •  JAN Guide for Finding A Job That’s Right for You – Developed by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) with information, tools, and resources for job seekers with disabilities.  Includes topics like who can help with finding jobs, when/how to tell employer that you have a disability, etc.
  • Video: Disclosing and Requesting Accommodations – When, where, and how to disclose a disability either during or after your job search.