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Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

  • Corporate Equality Index – A report that rates corporations and businesses on various measures of equality, including adoption of inclusive nondiscrimination policies, providing equitable benefits, and efforts to engage the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Human Rights Campaign Employee Resources – Includes access to lists of companies who affirm and support LGBTQ+ individuals, information on how to find company non-discrimination policies, and articles on topics like whether to come out at work.
  • Pronouns in the workplace –HRC – An article that provides background on and tips for promoting inclusion through respecting each person’s selection of pronouns in workplace communication.
  • – A resource that includes a job board where you can search for positions with companies that welcome diversity among the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Out Professionals – Provides several diversity and LGBTQ+ focused job boards, and events such as virtual seminars and networking opportunities. 
  • Resume Writing Strategies for LGBTQ+ Students – Includes self-assessment questions that help with determining your own readiness to include LGBTQ+ identifying information on your resume and other self-marketing media.
  • Should You Come Out as LGBTQ+ When Building Your Resume – Brief article about considerations to think about when creating your resume.
  • LGBT Career Resource Guide – Covers several topics from job search strategies and opportunities, to LGBT blogs, podcasts, career books, and associations.
  • Job Searching while LGBTQ: How to Find a Truly Inclusive Place to Work – Provides a plethora of tips on how to research companies’ attitudes toward LGBTQ+ employees ahead of time and during interviews, as well as how to utilize your current network to conduct research.  
  • National LGBT Chamber of Commerce – Lists a variety of companies that are LGBTQ+ affirming, as well as information about events and programs for researching and connecting with those companies.
  • OutBuro – This site includes a job board and a plethora of resources for job searching for the LGBTQ+ community.