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Focus 2

Focus 2 is a powerful tool to help suggest the best career paths for you. Explore your Work Interests, Values, Personality, Skills and Leisure interests with some quick and easy questions. Then, Focus2 will combine as many or as few of those as you’d like to come up with top-rated career suggestions. It’s that simple!


Please use your email to register. Use ‘cardinals’ as your registration key.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register for Focus 2 Please use your university email to register and your firstname.lastname as the user name.
    Use ‘cardinals’ as your registration key.
  2. Login to Focus 2
  3. Complete the three Career Planning Foundations tasks (Career Planning, Academic Strengths and “Am I Career Ready?”) This will give you and anyone you share this with, an idea of your current strengths and career readiness of idea about your current strengths and career readiness
  4. Complete the five different self-assessments, which include: Work Interest, Values, Personality, Skills, and Leisure Assessments. Each segment takes approximately 10-15 minutes. These can be completed at once or you can log out and log back in to complete them according to your availability.
  5. Click the Combine Assessments tile to view career suggestions
    a. Select which areas you would like to combine (Work, Leisure, Skills, Personality and/or Values)
    b. Click Continue
    c. A list of possible careers will compile at the bottom of the page. Each list will account for the different areas you selected.
    Top career suggestions may include all 5 areas, but there could be fewer based on your results.
    d. Click + to expand the lists. You can also filter the results
  6. Use Explore the Possibilities section on the main page to get brief information about an occupation, as well as their national mean salary.
  7. Sign in to Cardinal Careers and make an appointment with a Career Coach to discuss your results