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Accelerating Growth for Franchise Leaders


Dare to Dream Big.

Do you dream of scaling to new heights in the franchise world? Accelerating Growth for Franchise Leaders, developed by the University of Louisville and powered by Yum! Brands, begins with a simple conviction: 

You have what it takes.

Accelerating Growth for Franchise Leaders is an initiative created by the University of Louisville in collaboration with Yum! Brands to help you achieve your goals in the restaurant franchise industry. Whether you’re managing a single location with aspirations of expanding, or you’re already on the path to becoming a Mega-franchisee, Accelerating Growth is your stepping stone to success. Depending on where you are in your journey, you’ll choose either the Accelerating Unit Expansion program, or the Accelerating Enterprise Growth program.

The Accelerating Unit Expansion course is for franchise leaders managing one or more locations with aspirations of expanding their business. 

Accelerating Unit Expansion

Feel like you’re on the brink of something big? Accelerating Unit Expansion is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to confidently expand your business, whether you currently manage one location or several. You’ll dive deep into topics like:

  • Refine your expertise in Restaurant Operations Management, streamlining processes for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Strategic Financial Management, mastering the art of maximizing profits and minimizing costs.
  • Learn the secrets to Leading Teams with excellence, inspiring your staff to achieve greatness.
  • Transform your customer service with our module on Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences, ensuring that every interaction becomes a stepping stone to loyalty.

With these critical skills at your disposal, you’re not just expanding your business-you’re elevating it. You have what it takes – let us help you prove it to the world!

Believe in Your Vision. We do.

And with the Accelerating Growth Scholarship Fund, powered by Yum! Brands, we can prove it. We’re pleased to announce that a limited number of applicants will be awarded awarded a waiver for the full cost of course registration. 

Apply Today

Anyone with a passion for growing in the restaurant franchise business and experience managing at least one franchise location is invited to apply! 

Accelerating Unit Expansion Course Schedule

  • Franchise Management Bootcamp  
  • Fundamentals of Restaurant Operations Management
  • Strategic Financial Management for Multi-Unit Operations
  • Leadership Excellence in Multi-Unit Management
  • Leading the Customer & Team Member Experiences

Accelerating Enterprise Growth

Are you already confident leading many franchise locations, and want to catapult your enterprise into mega-success? You may be eligible for the Accelerating Enterprise Growth program, coming in October 2024! For more information, contact Executive Education at