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Custom Solutions

Achieve Targeted Results

Executive Education can bring programming directly to your organization with learning solutions designed and delivered for your specific needs. We work closely with you to assess your strengths, understand your culture, and customize learning outcomes. Get the targeted training you need when you need it. No wasted effort! 

The Process

  1. Identify Desired Outcomes – In this phase, we define the learning need. What skill-gaps need to be closed? What competencies does your workforce require to perform the work effectively? This process might include Executive Interviews with high-level leaders, discussions with your talent management team, or focus groups with high performers from the workforce.
  2. Design the Learning – In this phase, we create a learning and development plan that fits the needs of the audience. We will develop program content, identify the most appropriate learning methodology, and select the right facilitator to fit the audience and content expertise.
  3. Deliver the Program – Our expert facilitators will deliver excellent training that is interactive, fosters engagement, and reinforces retention of the learning.
  4. Evaluation and Revision – During and after the training, we will take steps to gauge learning retention and measure behavioral change, and utilize that data to and use that data to make informed modifications to the program for the next cycle. This phase is intended for continued improvement.

Ready to collaborate?

Contact us today and let us custom-create and implement a development solution with you!