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7 Steps to Register

Register for the upcoming semester at UofL in seven easy steps.

IMPORTANT: UL2FCTR (Duo) authentication will be required to login to the Student System after March 10, 2024, in addition to your university userID and password. Register your account today to streamline your registration.

Take advantage of Summer and Fall 2024 Priority Registration!

Step 1 – Know your priority registration date

Register for the classes you want by taking advantage of your assigned priority registration date.

Visit the Registrar’s Office registration page to find out your priority date.

Step 2 – Review holds on your account

Visit ULink to find out if you have any holds or “service indicators” on your account.

Select “Tasks” then “Details” and follow the directions to remove the hold from your account.

Positive service indicators give you information about your record and may inform you of what you must do. These DO NOT prevent you from registering. Some schools or departments may hold your registration until you have been advised. Most financial holds will restrict you from registering and obtaining official transcripts or your diploma.

See if there are any holds on your record by visiting ULink. Select “Tasks” then “Details” to find information about resolving the hold.

Step 3 – Know your resources

There are a variety of resources available that can support your student success.

What-If advisement report

You may be considering a program of study and want to see the degree requirements along with any transfer coursework or test credit already approved by the institution. You can use this to set up and request a simulated, what-if advisement report.

Check your what-if advisement report by clicking on the “Academic Progress” tile from your ULink Student Homepage and then selecting “What-If Advisement Report”.

View my degree audit

The Degree Audit is a tool that shows all the courses that you have taken or are enrolled in as well as those courses needed for you to graduate. You can see if the View My Degree Audit is available for your degree program by clicking on the “Academic Progress” tile from your ULink Student Homepage and then selecting “View My Degree Audit.”

UofL official catalog

The University Catalog is the official source for all degree programs and academic requirements, as well as institutional policies and procedures, and is subject to change. Ensure you are enrolled in courses that count toward completing your degree program requirements. Courses that do not count toward a student’s degree, certificate, or other recognized credential cannot count toward enrollment status when determining federal and state CAP Grant aid eligibility.

Learn more about the Financial Aid Course Auditor

Make an advising appointment

Set up an appointment with your advisor through the CardSmart Student Appointment Scheduler, or contact the College of Business Reinhardt Academic Center

If you do not have an advising hold on your account, you are not required to meet with an advisor before registering. If you cannot meet with your advisor before your priority registration date, you can register for classes on your own. You can also make changes during your upcoming advising appointment by the drop/add deadline.

Schedule an appointment with an advisor by clicking on the “Academic Progress” tile from your ULink Student Homepage and then selecting “CardSmart”. 

View your academic program sheets

Your program sheet lists each course/requirement you need for your degree to graduate.

Obtain a copy of your program sheet on CardSmart in the “Reports/Notes” section, or contact your advisor to request an updated copy.

View the CardSmart instructional website.

Student Success Center (SSC)

UofL’s Student Success Center (SSC) supports every UofL undergraduate student with Student Success Coordinators. Undergraduate students experiencing academic, financial, or personal difficulties can receive one-on-one assistance from a Student Success Coordinator. The Student Success Coordinators are located in the Belknap Academic Building.

Make an appointment with your assigned coordinator via CardSmart. Students are also welcome to contact the SSC by email, call at 502-852-7969, or stop by the front desk on the first floor to set up an appointment. 

Faculty Support

Faculty can support students in learning about career options, understanding course requirements, and navigating degree programs and majors. Attending office hours can have a significant impact on your academic success. View the course syllabus for office hours or contact the department for assistance.

Ulmer Career Management Center

The College of Business Ulmer Career Management Center is available to students and alumni. It offers a variety of resources, including mentoring, career counseling, internship searches, interview preparation, career fairs, and events, all focused on maximizing your professional readiness.

Make an appointment:

Step 4 – Review the schedule of classes

The schedule of classes for summer and fall 2024 are available now.

Make note of any prerequisites, required permissions, or other special circumstances. Pre-requisites can be found in the “notes” section for each course. Courses requiring special permission will indicate this in the course details. You must contact the department offering the course to gain permission to enroll. 

Step 5 – Put courses in your shopping cart

Placing courses in your shopping cart beforehand to streamline the registration process. You can access your shopping cart through ULink. Select “Enrollment Shopping Cart” on the left below “Academics.”

View the Shopping Cart tutorial or contact the Registrar’s Office at 502-852-6522 or e-mail for assistance.

Taking at least 15 credit hours during each fall or spring semester helps keep you on track to graduate in four years.

Have a backup plan for waitlisted/closed classes. Advisors cannot help students move up on the waitlist or add students to closed classes. Students should always be prepared with class alternatives in case they don’t get into their first choice.
View the Waitlisting Courses/Closed Classes Policy.

Step 6 – Enroll in classes

To enroll in all classes in your shopping cart, select “click to enroll in class(es) in your shopping cart” in the “Shopping Cart” section.

For help with registration, contact the Registrar’s Office at 502-852-6522 or e-mail at

After you enroll in classes, refer to the academic calendar for important dates, such as the final date to alter
your schedule and the semester start date.

Step 7: Prepare for a successful semester

Congrats, you’re enrolled! Now what? Here are some additional tips to help you throughout your semester.

Set up your user account profile and password

Make sure your ULink, Blackboard and UofL email are set up. Contact IT if you need help.

Log into ULink and check your Student Self Service

• Check your To-Do List by clicking on “Tasks” from your ULink Student Homepage
• Check your course schedule for class days & times
• Check your class notes to see if they are live stream, in-person, or completely online
Watch these videos for a walk-through of your student self-service account

Check your financial aid or make payment arrangements

• Check your Financial Account by clicking on “Financial Account” from your ULink Student Homepage
• View Account Balance and Charges Due
• Make a Payment on your account

Attend class–don’t get dropped as a no-show

  • If you are taking an online class, participate in the class to prevent being dropped as a no-show. If you aren’t sure what is required, avoid being dropped by contacting your instructor. Logging into the class does not count as an academic activity.
  • If you are taking a face-to-face class, attend the scheduled in-person class. If you can’t attend, communicate this to your instructor.
  • The “no” show policy applies to face-to-face and online classes. Being dropped as a “no” show can impact financial aid and may result in owing money to the college.

Review your syllabus

A syllabus outlines essential course information, including class topics, due dates, resources, and policies. You can access your syllabus on Blackboard once your instructor opens the course. Timing for course access varies by instructor and course start date. Contact your instructor if you can’t access the course by the first day of class. Instructor’s emails are in the address book in your UofL email. 

Check your UofL email 

Check your UofL email daily. This is how your instructor, advisor, financial aid, and campus offices will contact you. View UofL Email FAQs

Get your textbooks

To see your course’s required/recommended texts, visit the Campus Store and enter your 7-digit Student ID or course information. 

Get your student ID card

Get your Student ID card at the Cardinal Card Office. Current students can use their student ID to ride TARC for free and access athletic events.

Get involved & get recognized – join College of Business Cardinal Flight 

Cardinal Flight is a co-curricular digital badge program exclusive to business undergraduate students.

The program encourages students to develop skills and career readiness competencies through participation in a series of approved learning experiences outside the classroom. Students who complete the program can earn a digital badge of completion, various milestone rewards, and a College of Business Cardinal Flight custom stole at graduation. 

Still Have Questions?

Contact the College of Business Reinhardt Academic Center at or 502-852-7440.