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LEAP: Our Points of Distinction

The spirit of entrepreneurship courses through everything we do at the College of Business at the University of Louisville. It is essential to community growth, job creation, and prosperity. We’re committed to students who are builders, creators, and doers. We give them the tools to take that entrepreneurial spirit and change the world. This commitment is codified by LEAP —  an acronym (Louisville Entrepreneurial Accelerating Principled) for the College’s distinctive qualities that define the school’s intent and guides activities.

L (Louisville)

The University of Louisville’s College of Business is deeply and deliberately “of Louisville.” We build upon the city’s strengths, and we contribute to those strengths in purposeful and reciprocal ways. We are committed to making all of Louisville and all of its citizens better as, at the same time, the city defines us and grounds our strategies and programs. This is not a provincial vision; the College of Business is an essential part of what makes Louisville a vital global city.

E (Entrepreneurial)

We have a demonstrated strength in developing entrepreneurial mindsets focused on possibilities and the expert pursuit of opportunities. This entrepreneurial orientation is manifest in programs focused specifically on new venture creation and suffuses all our programs, providing all of our students with the optimistic mindsets of opportunity recognition and creative change.

A (Accelerating)

We have a history of great success and an unending passion for creating access for all and accelerating lives in pursuit of principled ambitions. This emphasis on accelerating lives emphasizes the proactive inclusion of everyone – of all lives, regardless of differences, seen and unseen – and the embrace of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in a diverse, nurturing, and supportive organization.

P (Principled)

We are committed to securing the College’s place as a global leader in producing principled citizens and business leaders who act ethically and with integrity, shaping sustainable, socially-responsible organizations that change the world consistent with their values and their aspirations.


The College of Business at the University of Louisville offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate business programs that prepare our students for responsible and rewarding careers.  We enhance the intellectual and economic vitality of our city, the region, and the broader business community through our academic programs, research, and community outreach activities. We are building something that lasts.


The University of Louisville’s College of Business will be broadly recognized as the leading business school in this region and one of the leading metropolitan business schools in the United States. To accomplish these we will:

  • Build upon our national reputation in the area of entrepreneurship by offering programs that foster an entrepreneurial perspective among our students and offer opportunities for our students to demonstrate their capabilities in a competitive environment.
  • Offer masters and bachelors-level students an abundant variety of international learning experiences and provide faculty with opportunities to teach and research abroad.
  • Offer undergraduate students opportunities for functional specializations.
  • Develop an innovative menu of graduate business program offerings.
  • Create a supportive faculty research environment that is consistent with our university’s mission of being a premier metropolitan research university.
  • Enhance economic vitality of the region through academic programs and community outreach activities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are a diverse community that values all members and their contributions, treats one another with civility and respect, and embraces inclusive leadership throughout the College.

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