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A Return on Investment

October 1, 2021
Bill Meyers headshot

William G. Meyer III’s resume is an intimidating read. In addition to the 40 years of accounting experience it boasts, you’ll also find 21 years’ worth of seminars he’s led, a handful of professional licenses he’s obtained, the recognition he’s received, and a long list of community involvement going back to 1989, including currently serving on the School of Accountancy Advisory Board here at the College… and in his downtime, he likes to rollerblade around the city. William G. Meyer III is a force to be reckoned with—but you can call him Bill.

Accounting for Family

Bill’s introduction to accounting was born from a familial interest. Growing up, he was very close with his grandfather, William G. Meyer Sr., a self-taught accountant. The senior Meyer dropped out of school in the eighth grade after his father died in order to support the family. “[My grandfather] did several things, but he became an accountant and made a living doing that. I was always interested in accounting, even though I didn’t know much about it, because he and I were very close.”

Once Bill reached high school, he took an accounting course and felt an immediate click with the subject. He later pursued an accounting degree through the College of Business based on their excellent reputation and reasonable cost—or, as he puts it, “they let me in.”

During his time at the College, Bill cites two professors who challenged and enabled him to succeed upon graduating. The first, Dr. Alan Attaway (“Every time I run into him, I remind him he gave me my only B in Accounting.”) and the second, Dr. Louis Grief. Bill says that Dr. Grief taught students with the CPA exam in mind. “I passed my CPA exam on the first attempt. It was in large part [due] to the preparation I got at UofL.”

Bill is currently a managing partner at Strothman and Company, a local CPA firm founded by College of Business Board Member Ray Strothman. Bill joined the company in 1995 because their focus is on smaller, entrepreneurial businesses instead of major companies. While most might tell you that being in executive leadership for an accounting firm would keep you busy enough, Bill offers his skills in service to others outside the office.

Investing in Others

Bill is a dedicated, engrained member of the Louisville community, serving on boards in a variety of industries around the city. He cites Family and Children’s Place and Cabbage Patch Settlement House as two organizations he’s embraced. “I’ve always wanted to give back. Our firm has an attitude of wanting to give back as a community, in not only money but time.”

Through a close family connection, Bill was able to discover his passion and talents early in life. He had an example to follow from someone he loved and found a calling that set him on a path to success. While not everyone will have a family connection to set them on the accounting path, Bill offers advice to those wondering how to find their niche.

“You have to take an accounting course to see if you have a knack for it or not. I recommend that [students] take…at least one accounting class as soon as possible when they get to UofL….Take an accounting course because it will either open your eyes or it will close them.”