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Spring 2020 Dean’s Message

June 12, 2020

We are in a place and time of incredible tumult and uncertainty. The recent deaths of George Floyd and Louisville’s own Breonna Taylor have turned greater attention to centuries-old racial fissures in our society – fissures that we as a society have a moral obligation to address. 

The brutality and injustice of these events are felt particularly acutely by African Americans. But these actions are affronts to all Americans, robbing us all of the chance to live up to our universal ideals and moral aspirations. The time for solidarity and action is now. 

As the Dean of the College of Business, I am reaffirming our commitment to ameliorating inequities of race in our community, region, and beyond. We all want to act – using the talents, strengths, and opportunities we have been given  – to change the world. I can think of no more noble a purpose for business, and for our College of Business, than to explicitly and energetically strive to create equity, justice, and opportunity for all in our society.

We have convened a conversation in our College of Business community that is directing our collective energies to specific initiatives that will advance economic equity and social justice. Of course, we are best positioned to drive change locally. But local change will lead toward global progress. 

These efforts are not a new commitment, but a continuation of many great initiatives we’ve already taken. We are building a more diverse and inclusive community within the College. We are expanding investments to increase retention and graduation rates for students from underrepresented and underserved communities. We are connecting with the Louisville community beyond our own campus, including our dual credit educational program with Central High School, our Elevate Portland initiative with Portland Elementary School, and the Project BUILD mini-MBA summer opportunity program for high school students. 

I invite you to join us as we keep the momentum going and accelerate our efforts towards a more just and equal society. I ask that you hold us accountable when we stumble, celebrate our successes, and support us along the way. We have tremendous challenges ahead of us. With your support, we certainly will rise to meet them.

Todd Mooradian
Dean, University of Louisville
College of Business