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Elevate Portland Initiative

The Portland neighborhood is one of the poorest in Louisville and the majority of the children in this school live below the poverty line. The initiative is designed to provide the students with basic needs that support a higher quality learning environment and to nurture aspirational goals that will encourage a path out of poverty. 

Tablet PCs, warm clothing, snacks, and most of all, encouragement … these are the things that faculty, staff, and students from the College of Business are bringing to one of Louisville’s most disadvantaged elementary schools. Launched in 2015, the Elevate Portland Elementary Initiative has quickly become a popular outreach project.

The college first provided new sweatshirts – that included each student’s high school graduation date on the back – to Portland’s 300 children. Additional projects include:

  • Lemonade Day
  • Clothing drives
  • Earth Day project
  • Career Day presentations

Portland Principal Angela Hosch gets emotional when she talks about the UofL effort. “They kept coming back,” she said. “I’m humbled that we’ve been embraced that way.”

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