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Internships & Co-ops (Employers)

Thank you for choosing the University of Louisville, College of Business!

The Ulmer Career Center, which serves business school students only, is happy to assist with your co-op/internship opportunities.   The information on this page is for undergraduate students.  For information on the internships for MBA students, please see the MBA Internship page for more information.

We use a web portal called the College of Business CareerTrak, to make the process smooth for both employers and students.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How does a co-op/internship differ from a part-time, regular job?

  • A mentor/supervisor is assigned to the student to ensure that training and guidance is provided during the experience. The mentor/supervisor functions as a parallel to a professor in the classroom.
  • Students apply classroom concepts as they perform discipline-specific job functions.
  • Students take on responsibilities not part of their normal job.
  • Students may or may not be compensated for their work.

What is the College of Business CareerTrak and what are the features?

College of Business CareerTrak is a career services tool offered to College of Business students, alumni and employers. It allows employers to post full-time, part-time or temporary jobs, co-op/internships, request schedules for events, view resume books online, and much more.

Is the College of Business CareerTrak a fee-based service?

  • No. CareerTrak is a free service offered to our employers/recruiters.

How do I get access to COB CareerTrak?

  • Employers/Recruiters may request a College of Business CareerTrak account. Please select the Register tab and complete the required information. Instructions and log-in information will be sent to you within two (2) business days.

When do students typically complete a co-op/internship?

  • Students complete a co-op/internship during the fall, summer, and spring semesters.  Since we know that employers do not work on semester schedules, we can work with you to establish start dates at any point in the semester.

Does the College of Business have any pre-requisites a co-op/internship?

  • Yes. To be eligible for co-op/internship academic credit, the student must be in good academic standing and complete the following class(es) with at least a grade of “C:”
  • Accounting Major – ACCT 301
  • CIS Major – CIS 199 and CIS 300
  • Economics Major – Economics 201 and 202
  • Equine Major – Equine 101 and 102
  • Finance Major – Finance 301
  • Management – Management 301
  • Marketing 301

Are business students required to complete a co-op/internship?

  • Only CIS majors are required to complete a co-op/internship. However, we strongly encourage all students to complete a co-op/internship. It is up to the student to determine whether they would like to receive academic credit for it.

How does a student receive credit for the co-op/internship?

  • The student must complete a co-op application and policy agreement through CareerTrak within the first two weeks of employment.

What makes a co-op/internship academic credit approved?

  • The College of Business co-op/internship program provides the student the opportunity to build upon, apply, and assess the concepts that are developed through the curriculum and to further the student’s professional growth through a meaningful “real-world” job experience. This experience may be completed for academic credit as approved by the faculty co-op/internship advisor. The Ulmer Career Management Center request credit on behalf of the company and student provided the following guidelines are met:
    • The supervisor must provide a written description of the position in the College of Business CareerTrak, including specifics such as job title, duties/responsibilities, percentage of time spent on each duty/responsibility, salary (if applicable), and GPA requirements.
    • The internship must offer realistic exposure to career experiences in the student’s chosen academic major – Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Equine Management and/or Marketing.
    • The internship assignment should be substantial and practical; including analysis, evaluation, and application of applicable business concepts.
    • The student/employer relationship should be one of a mentoring perspective. The mentor/supervisor should arrange to meet and provide constructive feedback to the student on a regular basis.
    • The duties/responsibilities should be 75% major-related. While we understand that clerical tasks must account for some of the duties, it is inappropriate for the student to function as a “go-fer” or simply move from one clerical task to another.
    • The mentor/supervisor should not be any relation to the student.
    • The supervisor will be required to complete an evaluation upon completion of the student’s work hours.
    • Each co-op/internship must be 75% major-related and must have a non-family member supervisor. The co-cop-internship cannot be more than 10-15% administrative.
  • While we strongly encourage all students to complete a co-op/internship and agree that all experiences are beneficial, not all requests for academic credit will be approved. If a job description is not approved for academic credit, we would be happy to advertise it as a part-time or temporary position as long as all federal labor laws are met.

Are most of the co-op/internships paid?

  • Yes, the majority of the co-op/internship students are given an hourly compensation.  For reference, 2010-2011 data report the following pay scale (per hour) according to academic major:
    • Accountancy – $14.50
    • Computer Information Systems – $15.00
    • Economics – $14.00
    • Equine – $9.50
    • Finance – $13.00
    • Marketing – $11.00

How many hours must the student work with my company?

  • 75 hours per academic credit hour requested.

What are the Supervisor Expectations for the co-op/internship student?

  • We consider co-op/internship supervisors as educators and mentors.  These designations come with a great deal of responsibility and the Ulmer Center is here to support you.
  • Internship supervisors are asked to:
  • Develop objectives and duties for each internship position
  • Meet with the student prior to internship to discuss expectations
  • Provide internship coordinator with all requested information including student duties and responsibilities and final internship evaluation
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis to give direction and feedback
  • Make internship coordinator aware of any problems that arise during the internship

Which forms must I complete at the beginning and/or end of the co-op/internship process?

  • Once you have established your CareerTrak account, we ask that you enter specific information about your co-op/internship.  Information you will need:
    • Title of Co-op/Internship
    • Title to which position will report
    • On site supervisor (must have one to be eligible)
    • Job Descriptions, including specific job responsibilities, projects, functions and duties (samples)
    • Number of opening
    • Posting Dates:  beginning, end, location
    • Salary/hour rate
    • Work Authorization (citizen, resident, etc.)
    • Class Level (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
    • Minimum GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
    • Major desired
    • Applicant type
  • As the co-op/internship supervisor, we will expect you to complete the Employer Evaluation form once the student has completed their co-op/internship work hours. The evaluation is the College of Business’ method of assessing how the internship assignment has contributed to our students’ education and provides feedback regarding what our student has learned for both our program and the academic department. The form is available on CareerTrak under the Co-op/Internships link.

Does the student receive a grade for the co-op/internship/internship?

  • Yes. Once the co-op/internship faculty advisor has reviewed both the Employer Evaluation and the Student Report, he/she will recommend a grade of “pass” or “fail.”

Can students apply previous work experience with my company for co-op/internship credit?

  • No. We believe that all work experience is valuable; however, to count as a co-op/internship, the experience must result in the acquisition of new skills. The student’s course work has provided them new knowledge to apply to new situations. The ideal is that their co-op/internship and course work will complement each other, making their understanding of both increase. Yes, the student may remain with you, however, their job must change significantly to encompass new duties and responsibilities.

If I have any questions, whom should I contact?   

  • Please contact the Manager for Co-operative Education at (502) 852-7756 or via e-mail at ulmer@louisville.edu.
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