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Meet Benjamin Lineweaver: Online MBA Student Spotlight

April 15, 2021 Erica Hulse
Benjamin lineweaver

“I was attracted to UofL’s program because of the subject areas covered…and the respect the program has garnered within the business world,” shared Benjamin Lineweaver, spring 2021 online MBA cohort member and Key Account Manager for Cook Compression. “An MBA is something I have held in high esteem since starting my career. Many people I look up to have completed their MBA, and it seems to round out their knowledge within their field, which has aided them in their leadership roles.”

According to Lineweaver, there are a variety of potential benefits an MBA can provide graduates, both in terms of advanced knowledge of effective business processes, and how to best collaborate and communicate with others in a professional environment. “I think earning my MBA will help me in multiple areas professionally, but specifically with preparing for financial reviews, putting together strategic presentations, and developing management skills,” shared Lineweaver. “These all will make me more qualified for leadership roles in the future.”

Collaborating and communicating with other learners has remained one of the most important aspects of Lineweaver’s experience so far in his graduate program. He explained that “meeting and collaborating with other students [has meant the most to me during my time as an OMBA student]. Group projects have been a good place to cultivate relationships with members of my cohort.”

“Being a husband, father, and businessman in a high-paced field, the online MBA allows me the flexibility to learn at my own pace.”

Family was at the heart of Lineweaver’s choice to pursue his degree online. He shared that, “Being a husband, father, and businessman in a high-paced field, the online MBA allows me the flexibility to learn at my own pace.”

Regardless of the day of the week, family comes first for Lineweaver. When asked what he likes to do when not working, he explained that “I enjoy cycling, working out, and spending time with my family and friends.” Spending time outdoors is one way that Lineweaver is able to both spend time with loved ones and relax, sharing that “most weekends during the summer you will find me at the lake, which has become a retreat away from home that allows me to recharge for the week ahead. Even better, I am now able to share it with my three-year-old daughter who loves the water and is getting into water sports more and more each season.”

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