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LEAP sculpture officially installed in the College of Business

April 2, 2019
LEAP sculpture in the Harry Frazier Hall

“We will be the example of building a business school that serves its constituents,” announced Dean Todd Mooradian in his impassioned remarks officially the unveiling four, nine-foot letters which make up LEAP, a sculpture representing the College of Business’ identity. LEAP is an acronym (Louisville Entrepreneurial Accelerating Principled) for the College’s unique qualities which define the school’s intent and guide activities. Dean Mooradian directly addressed the faculty and staff gathered for the ceremony and hopes the sculpture will serve as a daily reminder. “I hope you walk by LEAP and say ‘I know why I am here. I know what I am contributing to. I know what to use as my North Star when I’m looking for direction and making decisions and making investments.’”

LEAP by the letter…

L (Louisville)

The University of Louisville’s College of Business is deeply and deliberately “of Louisville.” We build upon the city’s strengths and we contribute to those strengths in purposeful and reciprocal ways. We are committed to making all of Louisville and all of its citizens better as, at the same time, the city defines us and grounds our strategies and programs. This is not a provincial vision; the College of Business is an essential part of what makes Louisville a vital global city.

E (Entrepreneurial)

We have a demonstrated strength in developing entrepreneurial mindsets focused on possibilities and on the expert pursuit of opportunities. This entrepreneurial orientation is manifest in programs focused specifically on new venture creation and suffuses all our programs, providing all of our students with the optimistic mindsets of opportunity recognition and creative change.

A (Accelerating)

We have a history of great success and an unending passion for creating access for all and accelerating lives in pursuit of principled ambitions. This emphasis on accelerating lives emphasizes the proactive inclusion of everyone – of all lives, regardless of differences, seen and unseen – and the embrace of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in a diverse, nurturing, and supportive organization.

P (Principled)

We are committed to securing the College’s place as global leader in producing principled citizens and business leaders who act ethically and with integrity, shaping sustainable, socially-responsible organizations that change the world consistent with their values and their aspirations.