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February 21, 2019
in action shot of students jumping and holding hands in front of sculpture

Invest in the College: Throughout this issue of Currency, we have featured faculty and staff that are making a difference in students’ lives every day. We have also featured students that are seeking not only to learn but to make a positive difference for their classmates and communities. The College of Business is well underway in investing and enhancing the human organization that makes us great. We are purposefully seeking ways to make UofL a great place to learn and work.

Investing in the College of Business ensures that we support those who in turn shape our future entrepreneurs and business leaders. Your contribution makes a direct impact on student success. We hope you will consider supporting those efforts.


$5,000 Supports the COB Student Ambassadors program for the entire year
$5,000 Sends ten advisors to annual training and professional development activities
$2,500 Supports two student community-building events
$2,500 Provides for two semesters of in house REACH tutoring for students
$1,000 Provides the TILE community transportation to and from corporate engagement opportunities
$500 Provides 100 honor cords for graduating seniors
$250 Supports on student/professor networking event
$100 Provides a strengths assessment for two incoming freshman
$50 Provides for one volunteer tutor background check
$25 Provides 250 Scantron sheets for students

Invest in student success by giving to the College of Business