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Meet Lynn Porter

February 22, 2021
Lynn Porter Post

MSBA Graduate 2010

Lynn Porter is a Senior CRM Marketing Professional for the Communication Operations and Production team at Humana. She is responsible for optimizing consumer approaches to drive maximization and improve health outcomes by facilitating communication initiatives to Humana members. Lynn organizes marketing communications to members based on detailed quantitative analyses of consumer databases and external data sources. The data obtained is used to develop data-driven insights into member behaviors, buying preferences, and health patterns.

Lynn facilitates communication initiatives that enhance the positioning and offering of Humana’s products and services. She also performs multiple analytic functions, such as modeling data management, querying databases for specific data, and reporting solutions. As increasing amounts of data become available to companies like Humana, obtaining a better understanding of business analytics has increased competitive advantage, reduced cost of initiatives, increased revenues, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. 

With the skills learned from the UofL MSBA program, Lynn is able to utilize the data to provide faster and more accurate reporting, analysis, and planning allowing better business decisions.