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Building A Bridge

April 1, 2022 - -
Ta'Mia Malone

“The Cardinal Bridge Academy [has] helped prepare me for college because they treat me like a college student,” says Ta’Mia Malone. The Central High School senior was looking to get a head start on her college experience and discover what it takes to transition from high school successfully. The College of Business Cardinal Bridge Academy (CBA) offers its scholars a seamless pathway to success. It also provides students with access to high-quality college and career opportunities. CBA Scholars sharpen their business, technology, and leadership skills. 

A student in the sports marketing track at Central, Ta’Mia already has a career path and direction already in mind. “My teacher usually talks to business leaders, talking about their connections with CEOs and business owners,” says Ta’Mia. The oldest of seven, she is active in many extracurriculars, including gospel choir, Black Student Union, marching band (flag), and is a staff member of the yearbook and school newspaper. Last fall, Ta’Mia was also nominated to Central’s homecoming court.

Bridging Leadership

“Ta’Mia has consistently demonstrated leadership throughout the CBA program,” says Central teacher Adrian Layne. “From the very beginning, she helped classmates navigate BlackBoard, email, and various technology components necessary to be successful with the class.” As a teacher and a mentor, Ms. Layne helps Ta’Mia with both coursework and a college path. What impresses her the most is Ta’Mia’s capacity to help others. “She is a self-motivated young lady who cares about her own success and is determined for those in her circle to be successful as well,” adds Ms. Layne. “[Ta’Mia] is the poster child for ‘team player.’” 

The CBA also provides an additional opportunity—the ability to earn early admission to the College of Business. Ta’Mia took advantage of this opportunity accordingly and gained admittance to UofL. “This program has given our students a chance to get ahead of their peers, get into college early, and earn valuable college credits,” says Dean Todd Mooradian. “It helps to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.” 

While the CBA has given Ta’Mia a better understanding of her possible major at the College, she says “I highly recommend other students to join if you are going [to become] business major.” Applications are currently open for the 2022-23 Cardinal Bridge Academy Scholars. The deadline to apply is April 15. Visit the CBA website for more information and to apply.