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IMBA Outcomes and Opportunities

Companies started by Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduates


Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and the College’s innovation-driven mindset, Innovation MBA students will have the skills and opportunities to make their dreams a reality. Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduates have made their mark on industries including healthcare, sports, animal science, finance, learning, real estate, consulting, analytics, manufacturing, logistics, distilled spirits, technology, and retail.

The following is a listing of some successful startups and thriving businesses started by our alumni:

  • Cuddle Clones
  • EDJ Analytics
  • Holi Gin
  • Magnet Culture
  • MobileServe
  • XLerateHealth
  • Genscape
  • Bluegrass Bourbon
  • Executive Realty
  • TriBlue Corporation
  • Crescendo Strategies
  • Solstice
  • Sing That Word
  • BrickBridge
  • Therabracelet
  • Modica
  • NecoPlastics
  • Repaytient
  • Flyvax
  • HJI
  • Noraebar
  • Truist
  • Broadloop
  • Inscope
  • Whitney/Strong
  • Zoom