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Fall 2019 Dean’s Message

September 10, 2019

Every day at the College of Business, our faculty and staff embrace the opportunity to change the world around us. We never know when the next moment to be great will arise. For all of our preparation, planning, and strategizing, we can only be ready to take that chance and make that LEAP with a mix of confidence and hope.

While many will say spring is the season of hope, anyone who works in education knows that fall is truly the season of optimism. We return from summer re-energized and committed to giving our students all the resources to ensure they will be ready when their chance at greatness avails itself.

When I think about those opportunities, it’s hard not to see the College in the success of an alumna like Jennifer Williams. This Entrepreneurship MBA graduate has met every challenge head-on, taking chances, and embracing her entrepreneurial spirit. I’m excited that we can share her story here with you.

Likewise, I’m equally proud to share our faculty’s impact on students like Deron Steinbrecher. Thanks to professors like Dr. Imad Elhaj and Dr. Carolyn Callahan, Deron was given the confidence and keys to unlock his career path–a path which will take him to study finance at Emlyon in France this fall.

We are excited to introduce you to some new faces joining us here at the College of Business this fall.  From award-winning professors to accomplished professional staff, it’s exhilarating to see this influx of talent joining our world-class team.    

It’s inspiring to see all the great work being done at the College by our students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Having the ability to share our story with you is so important to us. I hope that you can see your commitment to our community reflected in these pages. I also invite you to reconnect with us through our Sr. Director of Development, Joe Neary, and his staff. We are deeply and deliberately “of Louisville” and committed to making all a stronger community for it.


Todd Mooradian

Dean, University of Louisville
College of Business