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Driven to Innovate

May 23, 2019 - -
Bill Ready, UofL alum

Finance/Information Systems alum Bill Ready exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the College of Business. A first-generation college student, Bill did not own or have any computer experience until he came to the COB. The intersection of access and opportunity often allows for students to become the most realized versions of themselves, and Bill’s drive and work ethic saw him become the valedictorian on his way to a successful career as a serial entrepreneur. Bill joined PayPal in 2013 as CEO of Braintree and Venmo, which PayPal acquired for $800 million. A veteran of the payments industry, he also served as president of iPay Technologies and as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company and was an early engineer at two other successful start-ups.

I’ve always been willing to jump in the deep end of the pool before knowing how to swim.

-Bill Ready, Fortune’s 40 Under 40

From sleeping in his car at school to being COO at PayPal, Bill has followed his passion for innovating. His experience at the COB gave Bill Ready the courage to LEAP forward as an entrepreneur.