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COVID-19 COB Staff & Faculty Resources

COB Emergency Resources: Working Remotely

Support materials in the event of a campus closure.

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COB Emergency Resources: Administration & Operations

Support materials for administrative and operations personnel.

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COB Emergency Resources: Instruction

Information to help instructors move their courses online.

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Learning Resources

How-to articles and videos from Executive Education, to help learn how to manage in a virtual workplace.

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CoB Backgrounds

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COVID-19 COB Community Reflections

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For H-1B Workers

We have all had to adapt to a remote working environment due to COVID-19. Since this is the case for a good portion of our H-1B workers, we will need to take some additional steps. For current H-1B workers, we must ensure that we comply with the Department of Labor rules regarding our employees’ worksite location(s). We are required to post the Labor Certification Application (LCA) for each worksite where the individual foreign national employee is located.

Contact Carcyle Barrett ( directly for the next steps if the H1B employee is temporarily working from a different location than previously identified – even if this location is a home office.