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Bob Myers: A Legacy of Mentorship

November 1, 2021 - -

Fifty-five years in the service of students is a testament to Bob Myers’ commitment to both the classroom and the University of Louisville. The Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship has seen the College of Business grow from thirteen people at their unit-wide meeting in the 1970s to over 200 faculty and staff today. Six College deans have served terms during Myers’ career. He has been an assistant dean, a department chair, served on numerous community and nonprofit boards, and inspired generations of students. A storyteller, a trusted voice, and generous beyond measure, Bob Myers embodies the College of Business and a true foundation that tomorrows are born from—just ask anyone who has spent time under his learning tree.  

Alum Don Snow is one of the many who was inspired by Bob Myers’ teaching. “Bob was one of those instructors who truly motivated me,” says Snow, a retired IT and information systems professional. After serving in the Army, Snow had come back to school to build a career. He was working full-time while earning his degree at UofL, and Bob Myers’ dedication to both students and the work has stayed with Snow well into his professional career. “I still remember the enthusiasm [Bob] had for the work and to see us succeed. [I felt like] he understood where I was coming from [balancing school] with a young family and a job.”

From Mentorship to Scholarship

Myers’ mentorship and wisdom meant so much to Snow that he was moved to honor his legacy and work. In the spirit of providing opportunities to those in need, Don Snow has established a scholarship in Bob Myers’ name. The scholarship will go to an incoming freshman demonstrating financial need—offered with preference to a female student. These funds will stay with the student until they graduate from the College of Business. “My wife Carolyn and I talked about what establishing this endowment meant to us,” says Snow. Beyond honoring Professor Myers and providing an opportunity to an incoming student, the Snow family saw it as an opportunity to connect with others. “I hope [fellow alumni] will join us in growing this endowment.”

This gift speaks to the virtuous cycle that is at the heart of the College. It is synonymous with Myers’ drive to better the lives of those around him. While Snow’s generous scholarship speaks volumes to how Bob Myers has touched his life, Snow is just one of a choir of former students (not to mention professional peers) who echo a similar refrain—their lives in total were made better and more whole by time spent in Bob Myers’ presence.

“We are excited and honored to see a scholarship named for Bob Myers,” says Dean Todd Mooradian. “Bob’s dedication to his students and the University is second to none. His ongoing commitment has lasted for years and will now last in perpetuity. Faculty have the ability to change the lives of students for the better. Bob Myers is a testimony to that great endeavor. In fact, I believe Bob is the epitome of a passionate teacher impacting the world through the lives of students.”

From Scholarship to Legacy

For Bob, the accolades are not lost on him; however, he is quick to offer praise and credit to others. What really matters to him is the connections made and conversations shared. These elements are the keys to his longevity at UofL. “In all my years here, I’m truly grateful for the friends I’ve made, and the students who have kept in touch [with me].” His walls and wallet are packed with pictures and notes from students who have carried lessons learned. There are engagement notes, messages from former assistants, star athletes, and CEOs—correspondences stretching and shortening time all at once. The common refrain is gratitude. “I’ve taught 26 different courses, done workshops for 140 different companies; it has been a privilege to do all these things that I enjoy.”

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