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Celebrating Faculty Service

July 22, 2021 - -
Faculty Recognition Summer 2021

As another school year draws to a close, another set of graduates cross the threshold from students to
graduates. Their yet-to-be-written success stories
will contain lessons learned from College of Business professors.

Semester by semester and year after year, our professors serve as stewards of knowledge, authors of research, and perhaps most importantly, mentors to tomorrow’s business leaders.

The following faculty members have shaped the careers of many. Their efforts and insights are reflected in those students who have taken their lessons to heart — inspiring entrepreneurial spirits to change the world.

25 Years of Service

  • Lisa Blum, LLM
  • Barry Haworth, PhD
  • William Stout, PhD
  • Andrew Wright, PhD

30 Years of Service

  • Nan-Ting Chou, PhD
  • David Faulds, PhD
  • Jian Guan, PhD
  • Mahesh Gupta, PhD
  • Sheila Johnston, MS
  • Josef Zurada, PhD

45 Years of Service

John Vahaly, PhD

55 Years of Service

Robert Myers, ABD

Accountancy Emeritus

Achieving Emeritus status is an honor reserved for those professors whose lifetime of service to the College is held in the highest esteem by their colleagues and the University. These professors’ individual contributions to the field of Accountancy have added to the creation of knowledge, furthering UofL’s mission of being a premier metropolitan research institution. On behalf of the faculty and staff they call peers and the students they inspired during their tenure at the College of Business, we are proud to bestow the Emeritus status to the following professors.

  • Alan Attaway, PhD
  • Alan Levitan, PhD
  • Julia Karcher, PhD