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Welcome Back

August 31, 2020
Headshot of COB student council president Bella Beilman

Dear College of Business Community:

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. The College of Business is so excited to welcome students and support them as they begin, continue, or near the end of their educational journey with us. The beginning of the year can be an exciting, celebratory time. But we must acknowledge that our nation’s current culture and climate also make the beginning of this school year a time filled with concern and fear for many.

The College of Business remains steadfast in our continued commitment to academic excellence, innovative practices, school safety, and inclusive excellence. We are proud of our students for how they have handled this year so far and grateful for our school community moving forward.

We recognize that the first days of school come with a fear of being unsafe for many of our students, both physically and emotionally. We also recognize that many of our students and families fear that their language, skin color, and mere presence might make them and their families targets. To acknowledge this is to recognize the humanity of us all. We know that racism and race-motivated violence directly impact the communities we serve. As a school community, the responsibility is ours to address these issues. The College of Business is committed to partnering with all campus
members to ensure safe, healthy spaces that affirm each student’s identity, leveraging the assets they bring. We do this in service of safe, welcoming spaces for all students to learn in, for all staff to work in, and for all community members to visit.

To all our student communities and families, we welcome you.


Bella Beilman

2020 College of Business Student Council President