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Education Abroad Cost Comparison

Costs Semester on-campus Semester Abroad
on Exchange*
Tuition $4,875 $4,875
Housing $3,200 $3,200
Meal Plan $1,460 $2,000
Books $500 $300
Local Travel $1,000 $500
Airfare** $1,700
Passport/visa** $500
International ID card** $50
Total $13,535 $15,325


The College of Business provides extensive assistance in the form of travel grants for majors who participate in education abroad, emphasizing the College’s exchange and dual degree programs.
All financial assistance (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) may be applied to the cost of participation in education abroad.

*Costs will vary based on location of study, participation in non-exchange programs, currency conversion rates, visa/residency permit requirements, insurance requirements, and personal spending/travel habits.
**Costs associated with education abroad experience not incurred by domestic study.

Students who intend to go abroad should also maintain regular contact with their academic advisor to ensure they maintain good student status and are on-track with their academic progress.