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International Exchange Students

Students who come to the University of Louisville through formal exchange partnerships must be nominated by their home university for participation.  Once students are nominated, the International Coordinator will communicate with the students on steps the need to take in order to enroll at the University of Louisville.

Exchange students are required to apply to the University of Louisville, submit their TOEFL or IELTS scores (and meet UofL’s minimum required scores), submit proof of finances, a biographical data form, and transcripts in English.  These documents will be used for admissions purposes and to generate the appropriate visa documents necessary for study in the United States.

While at the University of Louisville, we strongly encourage students to live on-campus either through UofL housing, University of Louisville Properties, or one of our other housing partners.  To learn more about housing options, please click here.  Students are also required to purchase the University meal plan.  The cost is associated with your housing.

One of the most important aspects of your exchange at the University of Louisville is academics.  Exchange students at UofL are required to enroll in a minimum of four classes and no more than five.  While you are not required to pursue all business classes while at UofL, your home university must approve anything that you study.  Learn more about course offerings.

Although the tuition fees are covered through our universities’ exchange agreements, exchange students are required to pay for their accommodations, meal plans, books and supplies, insurance (which is required and must meet the University’s minimum standards), recreation fees, course fees, travel, personal spending, and any other costs associated with their time abroad.  Please note that this list is not inclusive of all expenses that a student may incur while at UofL.

Exchange students are strongly encouraged to become involved with campus life during their time at UofL. 

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Exchange students who are nominated for exchange to the College of Business by their home university may contact the International Coordinator with any questions:

Elizabeth K. Liebschutz Roettger
International Coordinator
University of Louisville
College of Business